Time to take back your privacy

It’s no secret that privacy is now largely compromised when you go online. Whether it’s corporations giving you “free” services so that you’ll consent to giving away your privacy, or worse, governments and hackers doing it without your consent, internet privacy is a growing concern for internet users. Here are some tips to winning back your privacy.



If you’ve tried to access Netflix from another country, the term Virtual Private Network (or VPN) may be familiar to you, but a VPN can do a lot more than just spoof your location and unlock geo-restricted content. When you connect to a VPN you hold an encrypted connection between you and your VPN provider protecting your data and hiding your ip address. With Australian data retention laws currently in effect, now is a better time than ever to start protecting your internet traffic from hackers and state busybodies.

We recommend Express VPN, it’s one of the fastest with multiple locations, and works on multiple devices (30 days free using that link).



Search Engine

Google’s days are probably long from being numbered, but they are slowly losing market share to their competitors, and it’s no surprise why. If you’ve ever had the experience of googling something only to have personalised ads show up on your Facebook or other websites, you’ll know that it does feel a little… creepy. What’s creepier is knowing that your “anonymous” details are being sold to these advertisement companies. It’s hard to compete with the giant that is Google, but we’ve been using duckduckgo for some time now and it holds its weight quite well. They don’t track you, and never will. Another step towards winning back your internet privacy.


Web Browser

A web browser can be a personal thing. You know how the browser works, it has all the extensions you want. It can be hard changing web browsers, we totally get that. We've tried a lot of alternate web browsers, but most of them didn’t really fit our style or needs. However, if you are a fan of Chrome and are looking for an alternative to protect your internet privacy we highly recommend the Brave browser. It’s not perfect, but the user experience is quite pleasant and similar feel to Chrome. We've found the mobile app user interface to be more enjoyable than Safari. Why should you use Brave? Brave blocks all trackers and ads on websites, it also claims to load pages faster because of this. It has a few key extensions that work with it currently and they are working to make sure more will be implemented. We also like their features to “pin” tabs which you frequently visit.


We believe doing these 3 things, encrypting your internet connection with a VPN, searching the web anonymously, and using a web browser that blocks ads and tracking devices, will help you take back your internet privacy. You alone are personally responsible for your Internet privacy and it is something you can begin to reclaim today. So, what are you waiting for?




Disclaimer – All of these products are our personal recommendations and not advertisements, we have had no communication with these companies. We recommend that each reader do their own research before using the product that is right for their internet privacy and security.