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Whether you are professional blogger, or just want to post some of your thoughts every now and then, getting a blog with Sitepodd is perfect. Our blog templates are specially customised to the needs of a modern blogging website. You can customise your site as much as you'd like to make it more 'you', or if you like our design, just click "add blog post" and you'll be up and running your new blog site in no time.

More Than Just A Blog

If you've decided it's time to take your blog a bit more seriously, than getting a blog with Sitepodd is exactly what you should do. Managing a blog from something like wordpress can be great to get started, but if you want features and support to do more with your blog than just a simple post you're going to need your own website and the support to get the right features working along with your blog.

Classy Image Gallery

What do you blog about? Is it about family, travel adventures, sports? Whatever it might be, chances are you want to show off your story and you want it done in a way that is engaging for your viewers. Your blog with Sitepodd will give you a simple yet effective image gallery to display all your wonderiful images and media.

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There so much more to a Sitepodd website than just a blog. Make sure you check out all our of amazing features, including how we can support you get your website up and running.

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