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How do I...
Got a question on how to implement or change something on your site, ask us in the live chat right now and we'll help you out.
Something appears buggy on your site? Let us know what the problem is and we'll determine if it's a quick fix or if it will require support time.
After you build your site, we keep a backup which you can use to restore your work. You also can create your own "versions" to self-restore.
Most of the time
New feature requests
This may be trickier as we'll need to confirm what it is you want to achieve and if it's possible to implement. Feel free to ask us to get an idea of what is possible.
3rd party extensions issue
We'd be happy to give you a quote on connecting your site to a 3rd party, but we'll need to make sure it's possible first.
Site migration
Sitepodd is a subscription based service only. We do not offer any migration services either from an older provider to us, or from us to a new provider.
Not possible

What if I've used up all my monthly support?

If you only have a small problem that needs resolution, you can still use our unlimited live chat feedback support. In live chat, we will direct you to a tutorial video that will equip you to fix your problem. If your issue is larger, we can resolve it at a rate of $100 per hour (charged in 15 mins blocks). To get the best support possible, we recommend purchasing a higher monthly support package.

I've completely messed up my site, can you fix it for me?

The website editor has a feature to restore back to a previous version of the site. This is why we strongly encourage you to save a version of your website with significant changes. If you don’t have any saved versions, we can try to fix it up for you from your monthly support time. However, if there are not any saved versions, we may not be able to recover information that was lost.

Can I upgrade my plan to get more monthly support?

Yes. If you are finding you are updating your site regularly and would like assistance to make sure you have that extra level of support, please purchase a higher support plan

What if you can't implement a feature?

Due to the nature of Sitepodd's prebuilt template and 'drag and drop' website builder there are limitations to what features can be implemented on a site. Check with us to see if it's possible and we'll see what we can do for you.

Why aren't you online?

We operate between normal business hours and should be online for live chat during these hours. If not, please leave us a message through live chat and we'll get back to you ASAP.