We've seen it all too often...

Businesses want a website, but get stuck believing they only have two choices. Pay thousands of dollars for a custom designed website or getting a cheap (or free!) website builder, and then doing all the work (not to mention the motivation) themselves.


Why do businesses want a designer?

Business want the website to be done with little fuss on their end. They want it to look good, they want it to be responsive, and they want it to just work. What are the downsides? The large expense and the lack of control of their own website. What if you just need to make a slight adjustment to prices or would like to update the staff page? Well, get ready to fork over a stack of cash to that designer to make those changes. And we know how crazy it is, One of our founders used to work for a business that did this. They would change the "deals" page of a butcher every week, it took us 10 minutes and it cost him $30.


Why do businesses want a website builder?

That’s why some people are moving over to website builders, some of which are free. Perfect! Unless you want to spend weeks learning a complicated CMS (Content Management System). Some are relatively cheap. Great! But why are they cheap? They are hosted overseas on cheap servers and the support consists of a manual you need to read to get started.


The perfect balance: Sitepodd.

Sitepodd is the balance in between those two website options. We can install an intuitive website builder for you and give you the support and motivation you need to get your website up and running.

If you are happy to hand over thousands of dollars to a designer to build your perfect website, fantastic. If you don't mind spending weeks or months self-learning a cheap or free website builder, go for it! If you want an affordable, intuitive website builder, with live chat, training webinars, and visual video support solutions, Sitepodd is your choice.