Trying to find free resources to build your website?

It's easy to get stuck in the old habit of doing things. We hope you are not still using Microsoft Paint (no judgement if you are) because there is a whole world of resources out there that have been developed to help you create. We are going to show you how they can help you make your website even better.

What does a website need?

Before we list the resources it's good to analyse why we need them. What could every website add/improve to make their website better?


A logo helps you to brand yourself and stand out. If a visitor to your website returns a visual cue from a logo is going to be much more memorable than simply your business name. There are a couple great and free ways to build your own logo if you don't already have one.

Canva - This website is like a simplified online Photoshop with thousands of templates, backgrounds, vectors, photos, fonts, and more that you can very easily compose yourself. You can create for free and you can trial their premium service for 1 month at no cost.

logomakr - Just want something really simple? Great. Logomakr is the tool for you. The page will welcome you with a short introduction and just like that you can get started with your own logo.


Royalty free images and videos

The images you display on your website can make a big difference. The absence of them can make your site feel dull and unprofessional, that's not the image (pun intended) that you want for you business. If you can't afford a photographer to take some great photos of your business, try using royalty free images and videos.

Pexels and Pexels Video - Fantastic sites if you want to find some high quality royalty free images and videos that you can use at no cost as much as you'd like. Always be careful when you use "free" images online as it may still require attribution or only allows in particular situations. Pexels currently has a policy that you do not need to attribute.


Video editing

Creating engaging, concise videos is now almost a requirement online. Customers want to know what you do, why you stand how, and how you can help them. They want to know this quickly and they will judge the quality of your service based on the quality of your video. Thankfully there are lots of great resources out there to create high quality videos.

Davinci Resolve - A video editor that contains tools once only reserved for the professionals you can use for free. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but there are plenty of tutorial videos to help you out.

If creating a high quality video is something that you feel you don't have the time for, chat to us. All our videos are made at Sitepodd, we don't outsource. We'll create an engaging video for your business at a great price.


Sitepodd - More than a website builder.

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